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A home filled with love, kindness, and a healthy dose of laughter (because starting off this page by saying “please help us add a new family member” sounds strange.)


Our Story

Sometimes the most beautiful introductions come when you least expect it.

We were two independent people who weren’t particularly looking for love when a friend insisted we meet. A casual brunch turned into a full day of wandering around the city and chatting about life, our dreams and favorite brunch spots.

We spent the next year dating, having adventures, and traveling together. We realized our strengths compliment each other. Christina is the spontaneous dreamer that should always be the one to plan the adventures, but Craig is the one to keep the family organized with his superb spreadsheet skills.

We also discovered we both liked brussels sprouts, so we figured it had to be something special.

Thirteen years later, we can wholeheartedly say that we complete each other, and not just in a Jerry Maguire way (cheesy, but true). We are best friends and true partners in life. We pick each other up when we are down, we are each other’s biggest cheerleader, and Christina is quick to tell Craig when he has food in his teeth (and really - if that isn’t love, what is?)

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Our Journey

Our journey to becoming parents started seven years ago and, to be honest, has been challenging. After many fertility treatments (with one success - our daughter Amelia) and a painful miscarriage, we believe that our fertility struggles were meant to teach us some things about ourselves: patience, strength as a couple and the power of hope.  

We are so grateful for these life lessons. We find complete peace knowing that our family is meant to grow through adoption. While this is an unexpected turn in our story, we believe that our struggles are merely a blessing-waiting-to-happen.

Soon this story will have a happy ending and, until then, we will choose to approach each day with mindfulness, patience, and kindness for both ourselves and those around us. We know that one day we will get the call that will complete our family.

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Where you come in.


But we believe in the power of community and know that every person that knows our desire to adopt is one more person who can spread the word and help us find our little one.

One day this wait and this story will all make sense. Until then, we will wake up each morning with the hope that our child’s birth mother will connect with us.