Craig grew up in a suburb of the Twin Cities and followed his dream to attend law school. 

After practicing as a lawyer for several years, he realized that his passion wasn’t in practicing law, but in building relationships and connecting people. Craig turned his friendly, chatty nature into a career as legal recruiter, helping law firms and corporations around the country hire the best attorneys.   

Over ten years ago, Craig and his good friend launched their own legal recruiting business. He loves that his job is both intrinsically rewarding and gives him the flexibility to be home with his family evenings and weekends.

Craig has never missed a family event.  Ever. No, really - not ever.

Friends describe Craig as a ‘family guy’ who’s dedicated, loyal, reliable, a hard worker and compassionate.

He’s a budding outdoorsman and would love to tell you all about the hiking trip he’s planning and how he’s easing Amelia into camping by pitching a tent in the backyard.