Friends we paid to say nice things about us (just kidding):

"Craig and Christina are the type of parents we wish we had, and the type we strive to be. They radiate love and compassion for one another, Amelia and everyone else around them. 

Their family and home is filled with an abundance of love, kindness, fun, laughter and adventure - their friendship has been such a blessing to our family. 

They are the most loving and nurturing parents to Amelia, and it shines through in her thoughtful, sweet, gentle, joy filled spirit. We cannot think of a family more capable or deserving of sharing their love and home with another child."      - Ryan, Mary & Emma (5-yrs-old) (Dear friends)


"Craig and Christina are selfless parents to sweet Amelia, and any child who is lucky enough to join their family will be loved whole-heartedly. They are caring, compassionate, intelligent, responsible and so much fun!

We can't wait to get their joyful news when they are blessed with a child through adoption - there isn't a more deserving couple out there."      - Jill, Jason and Harris (4-yrs-old) (Friends for over 25 years)


"The Sandok home feels like another home to us. Whether it's dinner on their patio, or watching our daughter Rosie run around the yard with Amelia, their home is always filled with laughter and love."                                               - Tommy, Stacie, Rosie (3-yrs-old) & Sidney (2 months) (Neighbors and dear friends)